General information about Malmö University Since its inception in 1998, Malmö University has grown into the country's eighth largest institution of higher education with 25 000 students. Its education and research programmes are distinguished by their multidisciplinary, problem-oriented approach and social relevance. The university offers students a range of educations in five faculties: Culture and Society, Education and Society, Health and Society, Odontology, and Technology and Society.

The Faculty of Technology and Society
The Faculty of Technology and society (TS) offers educations and research in computer science and media technology as well as engineering and natural sciences and applied mathematics. A characteristic of our research and teaching is the engagement of companies and other organizations as active participants. We are located in Malmö city close to Malmö Central Station

The Department of Computer Science and Media Technology
At the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, currently around 60 lecturers, researchers and professors are employed. The department has an international flair with employees from some 20 different countries. The department offers eight different bachelor degree programmes and three master degree programmes within media development, computer science, computer systems engineering and informatics. Our degree programmes, as well as, our research activities, have a close connection with the surrounding society and the industries in it. Most of our educational programmes were assessed as maintaining very high quality by the Swedish Agency of Higher Education in the latest evaluation. At the department, the research is devoted to the digitalization of our society, and a special area of attention is the Internet of Things, where we mainly investigate the usefulness and human use of the connected devices in our surroundings. Other research areas that our researchers investigate are, e.g., software engineering, intelligent transport systems, and computational media. Apart from a strong cooperation with the industry and with several research organizations, such as, the Internet of Things and People Research Center, Software Center, and the Swedish Knowledge Center for Public Transport, our researchers actively take part in research projects with universities around the world. For more information about the activities at the department, please visit

Job description and responsibilities
The position is part of the Internet of Things and People (IoTaP) research profile, a seven-year project which is a collaboration between the IoTaP research center at Malmö University and ten industrial partners. Read more at   The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the objects in our environment to sense, act, and share information. In order to develop successful products and services that are meaningful and useful, the perspective of the users must be integrated in IoT research. The research profile focuses on three areas that are crucial for the advance of the Internet of Things:

  • interaction technology; how users interact with the connected devices,
  • user-centred development; how users can be involved in the development of new IoT services and products, and
  • embedded intelligence; how intelligence embedded in the devices can improve the usability and functionality of IoT services and products.

  This position concerns mainly research in the area of embedded intelligence, with focus on machine learning. The research will be carried out in application areas that are of interest for the industrial partners, such as energy, transportation, health, and smart homes and offices.

Qualification requirements
Successful candidates for the position must possess a PhD degree in Computer Science, or related area. The candidates must have completed their degree within three years before the application deadline. Candidates who have completed their degree more than three years ago should receive equal priority if there are special reasons. Special grounds include leave due to sickness or trade unions and student organization work, parental leave or other similar circumstances. 

Assessment and selection criteria

  • demonstrated ability to perform research in the field of machine learning
  • demonstrated ability to perform applied research together with industrial partners
  • experience from Internet of Things applications
  • demonstrated analytical and communication skills

  Candidates for this position will be assessed on their level of skills and proficiency as described in the above qualification requirements and in relation to how the candidate fits the profile for the position regarding research, teaching and other relevant experience. In addition, consideration will be given to how the applicant’s experience and skills complement, strengthen and offer the potential to develop research and education at the department.

Paul Davidsson, professor, director of Internet of Things and People,
Sara Säthersten, HR specialist,

Instructions for application
You apply through Malmö University’s recruitment system ReachMee. Follow the link Ansök (red square below ad). Your application must have arrived no later than 2018-06-24

The application should contain the following documents:

  1. A personal letter in which the applicant gives a short description of him/herself and his/her research interests in relation to the position. (max 2 pages)
  2. CV
  3. Certified copies of degree transcripts and certificates
  4. Brief summary of scientific, educational and other activities that are of importance with regard to the appointment, including a vision of the candidate's future research and teaching.
  5. A list of scientific and pedagogic works
  6. The most relevant scientific and pedagogical works (maximum five of each)
  7. References (names and contact details of references)

  Qualifications can be documented with guidance from Malmö University Qualification portfolio for teachers/researchers at Malmö University:  

Form of employment and starting date
The post doc position is two years, starting in September 2018, or as soon as possible. The position will be placed at the Faculty of Technology and Society. The position normally consists of 80% research in the IoTaP research profile and 20% teaching. The research is carried out in collaboration with some of industrial partners participating in the IoTaP research profile. Malmö University applies individual salary negotiations and may apply a probationary period.

Union representatives
OFR/ST: Anita Marttila,
SACO: Stefan Gustafsson,  

We look forward to receiving your application!