Post-doc/Researcher position: Characterizing lipoprotein particle structures and lipoprotein particle interactions with blood vessel wall models

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The position is placed at the Faculty of Health and Society, Department of Biomedical Science. The education and research activities comprised by the faculty aim at contributing to the knowledge base in order to preserve, support and promote people’s physical, psychological, and social health. Research is taking place in areas ranging from science, technology and medicine to social science. At the interfaces between them, exciting new areas for research are being generated. The research at the faculty is also linked to the research programme Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces which combines research with medical, dental, food and environmental applications, at three of our faculties, in close collaboration with regional industry.

Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces
The present position will be supported by the diverse academic research environment at Malmö University, the University spanning research centre Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces ( The overall objective of Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces is to produce high quality front line research within the biomedical field, to offer relevant and attractive degree programs, and to maintain good reciprocal relations with partner industries and the public sector. The centre today comprises four research groups (60 researchers) and offers a truly translational network for applied research, in collaboration with regional industry. The centre expertise covers the range from mathematical modelling to clinical sciences.

Post-doc/Researcher position: Characterizing lipoprotein particle structures and lipoprotein particle interactions with blood vessel wall models
The focus of the project will be the characterization of lipoprotein particle structures and lipid cargo exchange dynamics in solution using mainly scattering/reflection techniques. Moreover, studies of interactions with model blood vessel walls and the effect on lipoprotein particles will be undertaken. This is a highly interdisciplinary project that span over various disciplines and academic/research institutes in Sweden and abroad. We have set up already methods to study proteins from the blood and we want to move on to study artificial particles of controlled composition.

The main tasks of the post-doc will be the following:

1. Expression of recombinant apolipoproteins

2. Reconstituting model lipoprotein particles with a given cargo, and characterizing structure in the bulk 3. Investigations of interactions and dynamics with model blood vessel components at surfaces.

Apart from carrying out research within these areas the applicant is expected to take responsibility for the maintenance of the instruments involved and to be active by supervising postgraduate students and fellow scientists in the techniques and participate in teaching at post graduate and graduate levels. A PhD student is currently involved in the project. Teaching at the undergraduate level may also to some extent be required. In addition, the applicant will be expected to take part in applications for external funding to support research activities.

Required Qualifications and Criteria for Assessment of Applicants
Candidates must have demonstrated scientific competence corresponding to a doctoral degree. The ideal candidate has a cross-disciplinary background with general competence in physical chemistry and molecular biology. Experience of having worked with proteins and lipids as well as previous hands-on experience in scattering based techniques at large scale facilities will be strong merits (focus on small angle scattering and reflection).

For more information contact
Marité Cárdenas, Associate Professor, Biophysical Chemistry at the Department of Biomedical Science. Phone: +46 725 46 48 19, E-mail:

Instructions to Applicants
You apply through Malmö Universities’ recruitment system by clicking the button “ansök”. It is your own responsibility that your application is complete with all required documentation according to the adverted position. Your application must have arrived no later than February 28th, 2018.

An application should contain the following:

1. A brief summary of research experience and scientific qualifications relevant to the position

2. Attested copies of certificates

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

4. List of scientific publications and developed teaching materials

5. Copies of three of your most relevant scientific publications6. At least two letters of reference

Form of employment and starting date
Temporary position, 1 year starting in spring 2018.

Trade union representatives
SACO, Ann-Mari Campbell tel: 040-665 74 37
OFR/Lärarförbundet, Carl-Erik Blomberg tel: 040-665 82 89
OFR/S (ST) Naser Eftekharian tel: 040-665 76 49