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Faculty of Technology and Society

The Faculty of Technology and Society conducts research and offers educational programs in the natural sciences, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, materials science, construction science, computer science and media technology. Our work is characterised by collaboration with the surrounding community, including industry. We conduct societally relevant research and our students get early exposure to relevant labour markets and career possibilities. 

Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics
The Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics unite interdisciplinary education and research in three main areas: engineering, natural science and mathematics. Three engineering programs at bachelor level are offered: Building Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Product Development and Design. In addition, the Science and Technology Foundation Year program is offered. A master-level program, Computational Materials Science, is offered since the autumn of 2019. The Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics offers an active and international environment. 

Research at the department is conducted in three groups: materials science, applied physics and mathematics and construction science. Major areas of investigation of the materials science group are hydrogen embrittlement of metals, evolution of microstructures in metallic materials, residual stress characterization, strength of interfaces, and grain boundary embrittlement. Within the aforementioned major areas the focus is mainly on development of physically based material models using density functional theory, molecular dynamics, phase field theory and continuum mechanics, and related computational methods. The results from calculations and simulations of material behaviour are validated against experimental data, and the research group in materials science is actively engaged as users of X-ray and neutron characterization techniques at international research facilities. Find out more on:

Job description
The Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics is looking for an Associate Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering oriented towards experimental characterization of engineering materials using X-ray and/or neutron-based techniques to supplement the existing modelling research activities (see above). The work tasks are primarily research and teaching on undergraduate and graduate levels. The employment is limited to four years and it includes teaching equivalent up to 50% of full-time over the entire term of employment. There is room for participation in pedagogical courses within the employment.

The candidate is expected to contribute to the building of experimental research activities at the department that supports and complements the existing research in materials engineering. As part of the position, the applicant is required to apply for external research funding, initiate new projects, collaborate on on-going research projects at the department and act as an expert resource for experimental activities at the department. The work further includes teaching in mechanical engineering and materials science related courses within the programs of the department, e.g. the two-year Masters program in Computational Materials Science. The courses include theoretical and experimental materials science courses. Teaching in other subjects such as mechanics, physics and mathematics may also be included in the duties, as well as supervision of master students and PhD students and teaching PhD courses. The work involves independent work and work in teams and includes participating in the development of the department's research, education and other activities.

Appointment to Associate Senior Lecturer requires that the applicant has a PhD or acquired corresponding research expertise. Priority should be given to applicants who have completed their degree or acquired the corresponding expertise no more than five years before the last date for application, unless specific reasons such as illness, parental leave or similar conditions justify otherwise.

Specific to this employment is required:

  • Good oral and documented written proficiency in English.
  • Documented knowledge, experience and skills in X-ray and/or neutron characterization of engineering materials.

The merits for this employment are:

  • Shown good ability to independently plan, implement, publish and analyze scientific studies in the subject area.
  • Documented experience of teaching.
  • Documented established research network in the subject area.
  • Documented experience of collaborating with industry.
  • Documented supervision of PhD students.

Assessment criteria
Candidates for this position will be assessed on their level of skills and proficiency as described in the above qualification requirements and in relation to how the candidate fits the profile for the position regarding research, teaching and other relevant experience. In addition, consideration will be given to how the applicant’s experience and skills complement, strengthen and offer the potential to develop research and education at the department.

For appointments to Associate Senior Lecturer, the following shall form the assessment criteria:

  • The quality and focus of the doctoral thesis.
  • Documented proficiency in independently conducting research of a high quality.
  • Reflective presentation of their own pedagogical outlook and practices.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and collaborate with actors in other parts of society with a connection to education and research.

Further information
Mats Persson, Head of Department,
Sara Eriksson, HR-specialist,

Malmö University kindly but firmly declines direct contact with recruiting and staffing agencies, as well as job advertising sellers.

You apply through Malmö University’s recruitment system by clicking the button “ansök”. It is your own responsibility to ensure that your application is complete with all required documentation according to the adverted position. Your application must have arrived no later than 2020-03-26.

The application should contain the following documents (when applicable):

  1. A short list of qualifications, including signed CV
  2. Certified copies and degree transcripts and certificates
  3. Brief summary of scientific, educational and other activities that are of importance with regard to the appointment, including a vision of the candidate's future research and teaching.
  4. PhD thesis
  5. A list of scientific and pedagogic works
  6. Scientific and pedagogical works mainly invoked (maximum five of each)
  7. References

Your merits can be documented according to Malmö University’s Guidelines for documentation and assessment of qualifications. See also Malmö University appointment rules 

If the application includes physical material, send three identical sets of the supplementary physical material by mail, marked with reference number REK2020/37  to, HR-department, Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö. If the physical material weighs more than 2 kg use the following address: HR-department, Matrosgatan 1, 211 18 Malmö, marked with reference number REK 2020/37 Your application will be handled by our internal hiring board and also assessed by external experts.

Additional information
An Associate Senior Lecturer position is a full-time temporary career development employment, where the holder is given the opportunity to develop his or her independence as a researcher and educator of the field. The present position is limited to four years, with the possibility of promotion, on application, to appointment as senior lecturer on an indefinite-term contract if he or she has the qualifications required for the post and is assessed to be suitable in accordance with the qualification requirements and assessment criteria established by Malmö University.

An Associate Senior Lecturer is eligible for promotion to a permanent position as Senior Lecturer, on application, if he or she:

  • Satisfies the requirements for employment as Senior Lecturer
  • Is upon assessment of the applicable qualification criteria set by Malmö University, based on the Higher Regulation, found suitable for an employment as Senior Lecturer
  • Demonstrates good collaborative skills

Malmö University is a workplace characterised by an open and inclusive approach where equal treatment adds value to our activities. At Malmö University, individual salary negotiations apply.

Starting date
Starting at the earliest convenience or by agreement.

Union representatives
SACO Mats Syde,
OFR/ST Bodil Sterner,

We look forward to receiving your application!