Are you at a point in life/career where finding new challenges has crossed your mind? Perhaps you feel that you have the will, the enthusiasm, and the vision to move things and your own expertise forward. Hopefully you have raised the topic with your own line manager or the Site Manager?

By submitting an open application describing your wishes/thoughts on what you would like to do “when you grow big” and perhaps your time line, you will give us as your colleagues and as a company an opportunity to respond to your desire for change. It is important to us that the right people are in the right roles, performing meaningful tasks both for themselves and for our customers. Let's work together in finding suitable options and solutions for you. Situations change and need for different skills arise in all sites around Finland, and it becomes easier to respond to them when we understand what kind of skills we have available internally - where, who, why - rather than recruiting skilled people from outside. Not being aware of the employees’ desire for change may in the worst-case lead to a scenario where a Huldian applies for similar role outside the company. 

So, don’t hesitate, go ahead and update your CV and write a cover letter describing us what would you like to do it in the future? The more accurately you indicate your wishes and needs, the easier it will be for us to respond to them, to understand what your desire and dreams mean, and to reflect them at existing and upcoming opportunities accordingly. Our aim is to maintain and to increase dialogue and organizational understanding of the needs and aspirations of our experts. Having said that, this is not an automated or guaranteed way to a new role and responsibilities - but rather a way of making your interest known and prominent. We are not be able to offer any certainty, nor to promise any timeline when things might move forward. The aim is to open the discussion as early as possible and to understand the hopes and the opportunities on both sides.

All information and discussions are dealt confidentially and accessed by Site Managers and the person responsible for the skill or area in question. Be brave, take the first step towards the change, and send the application! You may update the application and/or remove it from the system whenever you want.

May you have any questions or want to chat, please contact Petra.


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