Do you want to be a volunteer during the H22 City Expo?


In 2022 Helsingborg will be writing history as we take our proud tradition of city expositions to a whole new level. Through H22 City Expo, Helsingborg is inviting the whole world to see and test our sustainable and innovative community solutions in a colourful innovation show. Are you ready to write history with us at H22 City Expo?

As with all major events, the main focus for the exposition is going to be hospitality. To make our visitors feel safe and informed, we need different types of hosts. As a host, you’ll help answer questions, provide guidance and help our visitors have a memorable and positive experience. Since we expect an international audience, it’s a big plus if you happen to know more languages than Swedish and English, though this is not a requirement.

The City Expo will spread throughout the city based on four main areas:

  • Drottninghög
  • City centre
  • Slottshagen
  • Oceanhamnen

Assignment description

Each main area has an information hub with a team leader. Together with other volunteers and employees within the city, you’ll form a team that will work together, learn new things, find inspiration and inspire others.

As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute in various ways to greet visitors, and you’ll have different kinds of experiences linked to the City Expo.

Information host

We expect millions of visitors! Join us and make sure that visitors to the H22 City Expo can easily access information about the event. By staffing an information hub, you can help visitors find correct information and suggest interesting parts of the program, exhibitions and initiatives that will take place during the event.

Program host

We expect to present over 300 different activities in the program during the 35 days of the City Expo. Besides working at our information hubs, volunteers will be needed to staff backstage areas or to help during concerts.

Area host

As an area host, you’ll move around in one of the four main areas or on routes connecting those areas. You’re task will be to ensure that visitors get a great experience by providing information, guiding people and being helpful where needed.

The four areas of the H22 City Expo will be staffed during the day, in the evening and on weekends. We would like you to be able to fill at least 4 work shifts during the 35 days that the exposition lasts. You will be able to tell us which times suit you. A work shift will be about 4-6 hours long. Before your assignment, you will receive an introduction and digital training.

Other information

Do I get paid?

You won’t receive financial compensation for your work. However, as a volunteer during the H22 City Expo you will get:

  • an education in hospitality and service
  • opportunity to expand your network of contacts
  • meet people from many different activities and with a lot of different experiences
  • access behind the scenes to one of the biggest events in Helsingborg in several decades

Work with a friend

Do you know anyone who works in the City of Helsingborg? Then you can ask to be scheduled with that person during your work at the City Expo.

Practical information

You have to be at least 16 years old to apply. If you're between 16-18 years old you we will need approval from a legal guardian. 

We are continuously monitoring applications - feel free to send in your application as soon as possible and we’ll contact you!

We perform background checks on prospective volunteers. It’s important that you read the rules of conduct regarding volunteering in the City of Helsingborg before you make your application.


Mikael Ottebrant


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