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The Department of People and Society is a strong social science research and teaching environment focusing on business management, environmental psychology and advisory services, with the aim of creating sustainable business environments, living environments and work environments in rural and urban areas. Read more here. We are now announcing a position as professor of sustainable business development and innovation in the green transition of the food system within the department's subject area of Business Management.

The subject of ​​Business Management has the overall objective of developing knowledge and increasing awareness of the role of businesses/entrepreneurship in the transition towards more economically, socially and ecologically sustainable food systems. The subject area conducts research, teaching and collaboration around the role of businesses in this transition, and the people operating in the system, both the effect on them and the ways in which they can be an active part of driving the change. An interdisciplinary approach is required when studying complex issues at the intersection of business, food, health and people linked to a sustainable food system.

Subject area

The subject concerns sustainable business development and innovation with focus on the role of businesses/entrepreneurship in the green transition towards more economically, socially and ecologically sustainable food systems. The subject has an interdisciplinary approach and a systems perspective.


The position requirements:

  • The candidate must strengthen and develop research and education in the subject area of the position and Business Management subject area. This means a commitment and a capacity to build a long-term successful, and inclusive research and teaching environment.

The professor is expected to work together with the subject area's researchers and teachers on the following duties:

  • Develop and lead a newly formed research environment with an innovative and broad approach to the subject of employment
  • Develop and lead education at the basic level, advanced level and PhD level
  • Develop and lead PhD education and supervise PhD students
  • Actively seek external research funding in competition from both national and international funders
  • Communicate research results, both scientific and popular science
  • Disseminate and communicate research results and other subject information to relevant interested groups
  • Plan and carry out teaching and supervision at different levels
  • Administrative tasks to some extent
  • Collaborate with others within the department, and with others within and outside SLU
  • Maintain existing, and develop new, national and international networks and collaborations with academia, relevant authorities, industries, organizations and society in general
  • Contribute to the development of interdisciplinary and social science research within the department, faculty and within SLU
  • Contribute to the strategic development of the department, the faculty and SLU


The candidate must:

  • Have a PhD and competence of at least Associate Professor within the subject area of this positions or equivalent competence
  • Be scientifically skilled within the subject area of this position
  • Have documented ability to lead and develop a successful research group
  • Have demonstrated the ability of innovative development in research and teaching
  • Have a proven ability to obtain external research funding in competition
  • Have documented experience as the main supervisor for doctoral studies
  • Be pedagogically skilled, and have the ability to integrate research and scientific perspectives in teaching as well as in pedagogical development work
  • Have a strong ability to communicate in written and spoken English
  • The department has a parallel linguistic working environment. The professor will be able to conduct most academic tasks in English. However, as Swedish is the official working language of the university, the candidate is expected to gain a functional level of Swedish or a Scandinavian language within four years of taking up the position. The department is committed to providing support for the candidate to achieve this objective
  • Have knowledge of food systems and their actors

Assessment criteria

The candidate eligible to be employed as a professor must demonstrate both scientific and pedagogical skills. As much care shall be given to the examination of the pedagogical skill as the examination of the scientific skill. In addition, great emphasis is attached to the applicant's leadership merits.

The assessment of scientific skills will consider:

  • Current and previous research
  • Ability to independently initiate and lead interdisciplinary and innovative research
  • Ability to attract external funding in competition

The assessment of pedagogic skills will consider:

  • Planning, conducting and evaluation of teaching and education, and examination
  • Experience of supervision of doctoral students and examination
  • Pedagogic vision
  • Pedagogic courses in university teaching or equivalent

The overall assessment will also consider the candidates degree of skills in:

  • Developing and managing activities and staff within the academy/at university level (leadership qualities)
  • Interacting/collaborating with relevant stakeholders and society
  • Disseminating results of research and development projects
  • Communication and collaboration

Emphasis will also be attached to the candidate’s personal suitability, leadership qualities and other abilities.

SLU strives for diversity and an even gender distribution.

Final date for application:


Place of work:



100 %

Form of employment:

Permanent employment

Starting date:

According to agreement


Use the document Application guidelines for appointment as professor, senior lecturer or associate senior lecturer at SLU as guide when you fill in your application.

Please apply by clicking the apply-button below.

Academic union representatives:

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) develops the understanding and sustainable use and management of biological natural resources. The university ranks well internationally within its subject areas. SLU is a research-intensive university that also offers unique degree programmes in for example rural development and natural resource management, environmental economics, animal science and landscape architecture.

SLU has just over 3,000 employees, 5,000 students and a turnover of SEK 3 billion. The university has invested heavily in a modern, attractive environment on its campuses in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.

SLU is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact person

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Head of Department

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Torleif Ljung

Faculty Adminstrative Officer

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