Department of Energy and Technology

At the Department of Energy and Technology, research and education are conducted focusing on how agriculture can contribute to a sustainable society. We have extensive expertise in technology and systems  for sustainable production of food and bioenergy. Within the field of methodology we have extensive competence in System Analysis including Environmental   Systems Analysis and LCA, as well as Biometrics (statistics and mathematics with applications in biological systems).


We are looking for a person who can assess the climate impact of the production of biomaterials and bioenergy from forest systems. The work consists of modeling greenhouse gas balances from a system perspective using life cycle assessment (LCA). An important part of the work is to model biogenic carbon flows between soil, biomass, harvested wood products and atmosphere, and to calculate the climate effect when forest raw materials replace (substitute) other products in the society. The work also includes method development  for how different recycling chains and substitution effects can be included in climate impact calculations for forest systems. Sweden is a forest-rich country and sustainable forest production and further processing of biomass into various products is of utmost importance for the future.


Doctoral degree in technology or science with a focus on the environment or energy. Knowledge in life cycle assessment (LCA), forest production and soil carbon modeling, respectively, is an advantage for the position.    You will work in various collaborative projects with research groups at other departments as well as with companies and the forest industry.

The holder of the position must be able to communicate in English, and it is an advantage to also be able to communicate in Swedish. Great emphasis is placed on personal qualities, such as the ability to work together, analytical and problem-solving ability as well as the ability to work independently.

Depending on your career background, the position may be a postdoctoral fellow or researcher. When employed as a postdoctoral fellow, we are mainly looking for people who have completed a doctoral degree no more than three years ago.

Place of work:


Form of employment:

Fixed term employment of 24 months.



Starting date:

According to agreement.


We welcome your application no later than 2021-03-17, use the button below.

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