The department of forest economics is focused on research and education within business administration and natural resource economics and policy, with a particular focus on forest-related natural resources. Departmental activities have strong connections to sustainable development. The department contributes to education at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, and is responsible for bachelor- and master programs as well as offering PhD education within business administration and resource economics. Geographically, the department is located at two campuses: Ultuna (Uppsala) and Umeå. The department also has very strong research connections locally and internationally: It is a key part of an inter-University (together with Umeå University) research center, CERE (; it is involved in SSFE (Scandinavian Society Forest Economics) (; and is responsible for the editorial office of the Journal of Forest Economics (; and the head office of the research- and knowledge network “Forest Bioeconomy Network” – closely connected to the EFI (European Forest Institute) (, is located at the department.

Subjec area

The subject area of the position is business administration with a focus on the bio-based sector, especially the forest sector. The purpose of the employment is to develop knowledge in the subject of business administration with a focus on one or more priority specializations, such as circular flows, sustainable business models, organizational theory, production economics, industrial economics and innovation.


The associate senior lecturer will develop a research profile in the subject area of business administration with a focus on sustainable business development in the bio-based sector. The research is expected to take place in close collaboration with researchers within the department and other SLU-affiliated researchers, as well as through national and international collaboration. In addition, the holder of the employment will conduct teaching (courses, supervision and examination) at undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate level.

In addition, the holder of the employment is expected to:

  • contribute to the development of courses and educational programs
  • develop own pedagogic skills via training
  • participate in, develop, subject and interdisciplinary, educational collaborations within SLU and with other higher education institutions nationally and internationally
  • participate in postgraduate education as an assistant supervisor
  • apply for external funding in competition and publish scientific articles
  • contribute to the strategic development of the department, faculty and university through administrative assignments within the subject area
  • Interact with the forest sector, mainly Scandinavian
  • initiate the develop of own research group, develop and lead research projects and follow societal development that is important for the work in business administration with a focus on sustainable business development in the bio-based sector.
  • be able to teach in Swedish (or another Scandinavian language) within four years


Eligible for employment as an associate senior lecturer are candidates who hold a PhD or has equivalent academic qualifications. Priority will be given to candidates who have received a PhD or equivalent qualifications no longer than five years before the application deadline. Other candidates may also be considered if there are extraordinary grounds for doing so. Extraordinary grounds refer to illness, parental leave or similar circumstances.

For employment as an associate senior lecturer, the applicant must be scientifically proficient in the subject area of the employment.

Good ability to communicate in written and spoken English is required.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for appointment as an associate senior lecturer will primarily be based on the degree to which the applicant/candidate possesses the required qualifications specified for the position.

The assessment criteria for appointment as an associate senior lecturer shall be the degree of the scientific expertise required as a qualification for employment.

In addition, the applicant's prerequisites for developing independent research within the relevant research area and ability to publish scientific publications, and for achieving the requirements for promotion to senior lecturer within the framework of the merit employment, are assessed.

Documented experience in applying for and receiving external funding is considered a merit. Furthermore, it is extremely meritorious if the applicant has experience of research in the Scandinavian bio-based sector.

Good ability to communicate in Swedish (or other Scandinavian language) in speech and writing is of particular merit.

Documented experience of teaching, including supervision, in the subject area is an advantage.

Emphasis will also be placed on experience of assignments, cooperation and collaboration in industries relevant to the area, especially the forest industry. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on knowledge of the bio-based sector's value chains, from primary production to consumption and recycling.

Furthermore, emphasis is also placed on communicative ability and the ability to work broadly across a number of the department's areas of activity, as well as a good ability to collaborate.

In addition to the qualification requirements, emphasis will also be placed on the applicant's personal characteristics and suitability.

Application deadline:


Place of work:

Uppsala, Sweden



Form of Employment:

The employment is limited to four years in accordance with the Higher Education Act. A position as associate senior lecturer is a qualifying employment that constitutes the first step in an academic career at SLU. An associate senior lecturer has the right during his or her employment to apply for promotion to senior lecturer on the basis of criteria established when the position as associate senior lecturer was announced.

Starting date:

By agreement.


It is desirable that the application is written in English, because the applications will be evaluated by expert advisers both in Sweden and abroad.

"Appointment procedures for teachers at SLU" and “General assessment criteria for the appointment of teachers" can be found here.

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Contact person

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Head of Department

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Ulrika Ganeteg

Research Secretary

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