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Content description:

We are announcing a doctoral position with a focus on The Aesthetics of Diversity in Landscape Architecture, with the aim of developing the profession's theory and methods for how a contemporary landscape architectural aesthetic can be explored and developed in connection with current societal changes (mainly migration).

In Sweden, where the doctoral position will be located, landscape architecture has mainly developed on the basis of Western and European traditions and style ideals. But is this still reasonable in a country where one fifth of the population were born abroad (www.scb.se 2020.09.02.) and where even those born in Sweden have strong connections to other countries, continents, landscapes and aesthetic expressions?

The doctoral project is expected to address issues of landscape identity, aesthetics and meaning, and is based on the assumption that citizens' sense of belonging is important for a well-functioning society. This position’s focus on the aesthetics of diversity becomes particularly important as undergraduate landscape architecture education and students do not reflect the Swedish population as a whole, in terms of either their origin or their landscape experiences and probably as well landscape preferences.
The doctoral project is expected to include exploratory methods with performative and practical / artistic elements. These methods should be linked to one or more environments characterized by diverse populations and cultures.

We are looking for:

We are looking for a person who wants to take on these challenges, and who both thematically and methodologically describes how the project intends to explore and manage these challenges. The research description must include questions, goals, methods, and theories, as well as a description of the expected result. More specifically, candidates should address the following issues: implementation of the doctoral project, including performative activities; use of sketching and/or collaborative methods; and an approximate schedule. Candidates should describe how their artistic / practice-oriented exploratory processes will meet the requirements of a PhD with respect to scientific publication and dissemination. A concept diagram or model (analogue and in two or three dimensions) of the project must also be sent separately to the professor Carola Wingren.

Demonstrated spatial and process-oriented understanding of landscapes and landscape change is essential, as are understanding of and experience with artistic and practice-oriented processes.

Who can apply:

The call is aimed at landscape architects holding a master's degree in landscape architecture. Candidates should have practical experience, and should be able to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of landscape as process, space, and place. People with backgrounds in related fields, such as architecture or the arts, are also welcome to apply.

Terms of employment:

The position is a four-year doctoral position (education). SLU offers salary according to agreement. 

The position is located at the Department of Urban and Rural Development at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU Uppsala, Sweden), where Professor Carola Wingren will act as main supervisor.

How do I apply - deadlines and processing of the application:

Welcome with your application via the application button no later than 2020-12-04.
The application must be in English and contain:
(1) Personal letter with a short presentation of you as an applicant and why you are interested in the doctoral program / doctoral position as well as your qualifications and previous experiences of, for example, research projects and artistic / practical exploration projects (maximum 700 words)
(2) CV / curriculum vitae which also shows eligibility for the doctoral program
(3) Description of the doctoral project / Research plan (maximum 2000 words, content see above)
(4) Contact information for two reference persons
(5) Copies of diplomas and grades
(6) Three original texts demonstrating the applicant's writing (essays, articles or equivalent), where
at least two has to be in English.
(7) Examples of completed projects can also be attached to the application together with the concept picture required (see above) for the research project. These documents/objects should be sent separately to Carola Wingren, Dept. of Urban and Rural Development, Box 7012, 75007 UPPSALA, Sweden.
Job interviews are expected to be held during the month of January, 2021.


To be eligible for postgraduate education, a degree at the advanced level or at least four years of full-time studies, of which at least one year at the advanced level, is required. In addition, an understanding of a practice-oriented investigation and own experience of such processes is required.
Selection among the eligible applicants is based on: written application including curriculum vitae and attached projects and texts; master thesis; personal references; sufficient knowledge of English, originality and implementation potential in project description / idea and interview.
Please note that the applicant (s) who are called for an interview must then submit certified copies of diplomas and register extracts from previous studies at undergraduate and advanced level at a university or college, and that the applicants who have foreign citizenship must also submit a certified copy of the page in the passport that contains photos and personal information.

Read more about SLU's postgraduate education at https://www.slu.se/en/education/programmes-courses/doctoral-studies/

Information, contact person:

Questions about the position are directed to the professor Carola Wingren; carola.wingren@slu.se; +46.(0)18.672675.

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