Scania is currently undergoing a transformation from truck manufacturer to sustainable transport solution provider. Scania’s success is depending on individuals with a growth mindset.

Improvement Office (IHB) is looking for two agile coaches with a passion for people. Who are longing for awesome strategy deployment and embrace company-wide networking.

Our vision

We all dare to be leaders who shape new leaders. 

Our mission

We promote an employee-centered and customer-oriented culture.

To make this happen, we promote smooth and efficient collaboration within and among teams, encourage a servant leadership style and motivate learning through experiment. We facilitate meeting, ceremonies, design sprints, large scale workshops and inspirational events.

We also develop and run courses, both off the job and on the job.

Your drivers

  • You take leadership when you feel knowledgeable.
  • You are curious and you love to learn new things.
  • You are a team player and trusted by your team.

As a person you are excellent at engaging people, networking and building relationships. It comes natural to you lead and develop people.

Our structure

We set focus monthly, we plan what to-do weekly and we re-plan daily.

Our ways-of-working

  • EDUCATION – off the job training​
  • COACHING – on the job training​
  • COMMUNICATION – pointing at real-life examples ​
  • MEASURING -  providing easy to use tools​

You already have a way of working, with 6-10 years of experience as an agile coach, but will of course keep learning from your peers and communities. You know how to support teams on different levels, from scrum of scrum to management teams.

Our offer

  • Psychological safety
  • Continuous learning
  • Personal and career development opportunities
  • Great fun!

Plus a competitive salary, flexible working hours and additional employee offers and benefits at Scania for me. If you live in Stockholm, we offer a direct bus service between Stockholm and Södertälje, the Scania Job Express.


If you want to know more about this opportunity, please contact Håkan Kleijn (Servant Leader, IHB) 070-0878061 or Johanna Ingels (Recruitment specialist) 070 081 29 90.

Your application

Your application includes a cover letter and a resume. Please apply no later than May 5th.