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The School of Business and Economics, one of Linnaeus University's five faculties, offers several business administration and economics programmes at both bachelor's and master's level, a large number of single-subject courses, as well as PhD education. We offer programmes within a number of different fields like management control, leadership, entrepreneurship and tourism. The school has its activities in both Kalmar, Växjö and web-based.

The Department of Marketing is in an expansive phase recruiting both senior and junior staff for building and developing several research areas within marketing. Recruiting a professor in consumer marketing is one of the positions.

Field of subject for the position: Business Administration, with specialisation in marketing.
The position: The position is placed at the Department of Marketing,
School of Business and Economics, at the Linnaeus University.
Placement location: 
Extent of employment: Fulltime (100%) permanent position

Job description
An important mission for the School of Business and Economics is that “We co-create knowledge, making people grow”.  As a professor your main tasks include development and leadership of a team of researchers and teachers focusing on experiences in diverse areas, i.e. retail, brands, tourism, events, along with integrating research and teaching in several education programmes. The research group works with experiences as a focal construct to which diverse areas of specialization, eg. ‘digital experiences’, ‘sustainable experiences’, ‘customer experiences’, ‘brand experience’, ‘cultural experiences’ are added and elaborated. Your background from Marketing should fit well in this environment.

The position includes teaching at Bachelor and Master level.

You are also expected to supervise PhD students and to contribute to the development of the PhD program.

Applying for external funding and initialize new projects are essential tasks for a professor as well as collaborations with the surrounding society - regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The qualifications required for the position as a professor are assessed in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance.

  • Doctoral degree in business administration with specialization in consumer marketing, or an equivalent academic field.
  • Demonstrated research skills at a level which both in quantity and quality substantially surpasses that required for an associate professor.
  • Demonstrated skills concerning research leadership involving other senior researchers and supervision of doctoral students.
  • Demonstrated pedagogical skills in teaching on first-, second-, and third-cycle level. This includes planning, performance and assessment of teaching as well as theses supervision and examination.
  • Have experience and ability to carry out research and teaching in English

Assessment grounds
The level of skills required as detailed above constitutes the assessment ground. Scientific skills and pedagogical skills are equally important. Other assessment criteria are:

  • Experience of and interest in research within the field of consumer marketing
  • Experience of interdisciplinary research collaborations
  • The ability to obtain external funding
  • The ability to collaborate with the surrounding society
  • The ability in pedagogical development, including relevant pedagogic education
  • The ability to teach in Swedish

The holder of the chair is expected to be present at the workplace in Kalmar and commute to campus in Växjö occasionally.

Head of department, Katarina Zambrell, phone +46 70-603 9979 alt. katarina.zambrell@lnu.se, or dean, Susanne Ackum, Susanne.ackum@lnu.se  +46 480 446390

Questions relating to the nature of the appointment are answered by human resources consultant Kristofer Stahl, Kristofer.stahl@lnu.se +46470-708828 or Jesper Pettersson, jesper.pettersson@lnu.se

Union representatives can be reached through the university switchboard phone +46 772-28 80 00.

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