Associate senior lecturer in Logic (PAR 2024/555)

Reference number PAR 2024/555

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The Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV) at the Faculty of Humanities has about 110 employees and a teaching volume that comprises about 350 full-time students. Many major national and international research projects are underway here. We educate philosophers, logicians, linguists, language technologists, theorists of science, historians of philosophy, philologists and teachers of philosophy. The department also conducts doctoral education and development work in its fields.

Subject area 


Subject area description 

Logic is an interdisciplinary subject that uses mathematical methods for studies in disciplines such as mathematics, philosophy, computer science, and linguistics. At the University of Gothenburg, logic has been a subject in its own right since 1991 with its own PhD programme and, since 2018, a Master's programme. Research in logic at the University includes mathematical, philosophical, and computational logic. Teaching assignments are primarily in the international Master's (120 credits) programme in Logic, but also in logic courses in other subject areas and programmes including theoretical philosophy and philosophy teacher training.

More information about the subject area, its researchers and teachers can be found on the following linked web pages:

Research in Logic
Master's Programme in Logic

Job assignments

Job assignments primarily consist of research and teaching. As an Associate Senior Lecturer, you are expected to:

  • conduct research in logic corresponding to at least 50 per cent of full-time,
  • devote at most 50 per cent of full-time to teaching, course coordination, supervision and examination at first and second cycle (most of the teaching will be allocated to the Master's programme in Logic and other courses in logic and related fields),
  • actively participate in seeking external research funding,
  • actively participate in research seminars and other scholarly activities of the department and research group,
  • perform administrative tasks and assignments as needed.

You are also expected to actively participate in the department's development and work environment efforts, such as workplace meetings and other internal meetings and conferences. Most of the work will be carried out on site at the University of Gothenburg and you are therefore expected to be physically present at the department.

You will be given the opportunity to develop your independence as a teacher and researcher to obtain qualifications to be eligible for a permanent position as a senior lecturer. The position of Associate Senior Lecturer is a fixed-term tenure track where you, after a successful assessment, can be promoted to Senior Lecturer and have your employment converted to a permanent position in the same subject area.


The eligibility criteria for employing teaching staff are set out in Chapter 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance and in the Appointment Procedure for Teaching Posts at the University of Gothenburg.

To be eligible for appointment as an associate senior lecturer, the applicant must have been awarded a PhD or have the corresponding research expertise. Primary consideration should be given to a person who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise within five years of the deadline for application for employment as an associate senior lecturer. However, a person who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise at an earlier date may also be considered if there are special circumstances. Special circumstances are sick leave, parental leave or other similar circumstances. 

Qualifications for teaching in higher education in accordance with requirements at the University of Gothenburg (courses PIL101, PIL102 and PIL103) must be validated or completed within one year of the start of the employment ( In the case of part-time employment or if other special circumstances exist, the period can be extended to two years.

Proficiency in English, both orally and in writing, is a requirement for the position, since teaching within the Master's Programme in Logic is given in English. In the long term, acquiring proficiency in Swedish is also a requirement, to be able to participate fully in the department's teaching, administration and collegial management.

For promotion to senior lecturer, the assessment is based on demonstrated progression in terms of scientific and pedagogical skills, where the applicant must be able to demonstrate:

  1. Scientific and pedagogical development equivalent to that required for reader (“oavlönad docent”) at the faculty through:
    1. Scientific qualifications that both quantitatively and qualitatively significantly exceed what is required for a doctoral degree,
    2. ability to independently initiate and conduct research of high scientific quality, published in international journals or conference proceedings,
    3. supervision of students,
    4. completed training for supervision in doctoral education.
  2. Enrichment of the teaching and research environment of the subject of logic through:
    1. successfully contribute to securing external funding for projects, including research, development, or collaboration, either directly as the principal investigator or with significant contributions as a co-applicant,
    2. actively developing courses and a broad teaching experience in the field of logic,
    3. completed training in teaching and learning in higher education.

If these requirements are met and the applicant is deemed suitable, promotion shall take place.

The application for promotion must be submitted no later than six months before the fixed-term employment as associate university lecturer expires. The application may only be made once.

The regulations for employment as Associate Senior Lecturer, eligibility requirements and rules regarding promotion to Senior Lecturer are described in Appointment Procedure for Teaching Posts at the University of Gothenburg (only in Swedish) and in the Faculty of Humanities’ Instructions for Applicants in connection with Promotions to and Appointments of Academically Qualified Teaching Staff other than Professors (pdf)

Assessment criteria 

In the appointment process, equal weight will be given to pedagogical and scientific competence.

Pedagogical competence is demonstrated through:

  • documented experience in successfully planning and conducting teaching, supervision, and examinations in a subject relevant for the position at the bachelor's, master's, and/or doctoral level.
  • ability to reflect on completed and documented work that contributes to the quality and development of education and/or teaching.
  • authorship of educational materials and certificates from higher education pedagogical programs.
  • experience in course and/or programme development.

Scientific competence is demonstrated through:

  • research with a high degree of problem formulation skills, awareness of theory and method, as well as analytical expertise,
  • publication in peer-reviewed international journals or with international publishers in fields that are relevant for the position. In cases where the applicant is not the sole author, the division of responsibilities for the work should be specified.
  • applications for external research funding as the principal investigator or co-applicant.
  • ongoing participation in research collaborations.

Weight will also be given to proven interpersonal skills, the ability to plan and organise research and to research communication.

The applicant who, after an overall assessment of competence and potential for future development (based on the applicant's documented experience, current work, and future research and teaching plans), is deemed to have the best conditions for performing the tasks included in the position, will be selected for the role.


Type of employment: Fixed-term position, 5 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, Gothenburg
First day of employment: On agreement


Selection process 

When appointing an Associate Senior Lecturer, an assessment of all applications must be obtained from at least one external expert that is appointed after the application period has expired. It is important to find an expert who is not biased in relation to any of the candidates. The amount of time given to the external expert for their assessment depends on the number of applications received. The expert assessment is reviewed by the faculty's Academic Appointments Board, and the department then invites the top group to interviews.

The appointment may be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board. The time for appeal is three weeks from the date of the announcement of the decision.

Contact information 

If you have questions about the research, the subject, the content of the work or the workplace, please contact Associate Professor Bahareh Afshari,  +46 31-786 49 65

If you have questions about the application, the recruitment process, and terms of employment, you are welcome to contact our Human Resources Officers, Cecilia Groglopo, 031 786 4570,


Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here: 


To apply go to the Gothenburg University Vacancies website (, select the advert for this position, and follow the link marked ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the page.

The application should be compiled in accordance with the instructions for qualification portfolios at the Faculty of Humanities. Please note that the following documents should be attached to the application:

  • Doctoral Degree certificate
  • Doctoral thesis
  • Any study materials that the applicant wishes to include
  • The full text of a maximum of 10 scientific articles that the applicant particularly wishes to cite
  • Description of research and teaching
  • List of higher education qualifications and employment
  • Academic Portfolio I: Scientific qualifications
  • Academic Portfolio II: Teaching qualifications
  • Academic Portfolio III: Management and administrative experience
  • Academic Portfolio IV: Experience in cooperation with the surrounding community

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. Any documents that are not available in electronic format should be mailed to: University of Gothenburg, HR Officer FLoV, Box 200, SE-405 30 Gothenburg, SWEDEN. Reference number should be clearly stated on the mailed documents. The documents must be received no later than three days after the application deadline, or the sender must be able to show that the documents were posted no later than the deadline for electronic applications.

We welcome applications written in English, since a non-Swedish speaking person may be appointed as external assessor in the recruitment process.


Applications must be received by: August 27th, 2024. 



Information for International Applicants 

Choosing a career in a foreign country is a big step. Thus, to give you a general idea of what we and Gothenburg have to offer in terms of benefits and life in general for you and your family/spouse/partner please visit: 

The University works actively to achieve a working environment with equal conditions, and values the qualities that diversity brings to its operations.

Salaries are set individually at the University.

In accordance with the National Archives of Sweden’s regulations, the University must archive application documents for two years after the appointment is filled. If you request that your documents are returned, they will be returned to you once the two years have passed. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

In connection to this recruitment, we have already decided which recruitment channels we should use. We therefore decline further contact with vendors, recruitment and staffing companies.