Senior Lecturer in Chemistry with an educator and pedagogical focus

Ref PAR 2022/1530

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The Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology conducts high-quality research and education in chemical sciences and molecular life sciences. Our research and education focuses on a deep understanding of chemical and biological processes in cells and in the environment. We address important societal issues such as antibiotic resistance, cancer, brain diseases, environmental problems and climate change. In this way, we contribute to achieving the UN's global goals for sustainable development in the areas of good health and well-being, sustainable energy for all, sustainable cities and communities, and combating climate change. The department is an international environment with interdisciplinary collaborations in both research and education, and contributes strongly to the University of Gothenburg's top ranking in life science. The department is responsible for postgraduate education in the subject area Natural Sciences with a focus on chemistry, biophysics, biology and educational science. In addition, the department hosts educational programs in molecular biology, genomics and systems biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, as well as prescription education. The department collaborates with various societal actors such as schools, business and authorities. The Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology has around 200 employees. We are located in central premises both on Campus Johanneberg and on Campus Medicinareberget in Gothenburg.

Subject area 

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry with an educator and pedagogical focus

Subject area description 

Chemistry plays a central role in the department's education and research. Basic chemistry in all core subject areas, i.e. analytical, biochemical, physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, is of paramount importance in the department's programs including Bachelors of chemistry and pharmacy, and in our Masters programs. The department participates in and is responsible for several undergraduate chemistry courses in collaboration with other institutions, such as Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Science and the Pharmacy Program at Sahlgrenska Academy. The department also contributes to interdisciplinary programs like Environmental Science. Chemistry teaching with an educator and pedagogical focus is an important part of the departmental mission. The department has the responsibility for teacher education for prospective secondary and high school teachers within chemistry. Additionally, the department is responsible for the basic science year of chemistry.


The position of Senior Lecturer in Chemistry with a focus on education/educational science includes the following teaching assignments:

- Teaching, course development and examination in chemistry with a didactic focus in teacher education programs. This includes participation in and responsibility for the examination of practical training (VFU) in the capacity of a VFU course leader/course teacher.

- Participation in the in-service training and skills development of teachers and pre-school teachers in the subject of chemistry in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at the University of Gothenburg.

- Teaching, course development and examination in basic chemistry in the following main courses; basic science year, Bachelor's programs in chemistry and pharmacy, Participation in basic chemistry courses at other intuitions/faculties.

In addition, the perspective candidate is expected to conduct research in chemistry with a focus on pedagogy/educational science. This includes:

- Establishing and developing an internationally competitive research profile in the subject area at the department. This includes scientific publishing, applying for research funding, and project responsibility.

- Supervision (and in the long term also examination) within the doctoral program.

The position includes interaction with the surrounding community in various forms, primarily related to education, skills development and continuing education.

For international applicants: demonstration of basic knowledge of Swedish is required at the time of application. The Senior Lecturer is expected to be able to teach fluently in Swedish within two years of appointment.


The eligibility criteria for employing teaching staff  as senior Lecturer in Chemistry with an educator and pedagogical focus, are set out in Chapter 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance and in the Appointment Procedure for Teaching Posts at the University of Gothenburg.  A person is eligible for appointment as a Senior Lecturer if he or she has demonstrated teaching skills, has completed a Doctoral degree or has equivalent scientific skills.

To be eligible for appointment as a senior lecturer, other than within disciplines in the fine, applied or performing arts, the applicant is required to have demonstrated teaching expertise and been awarded a PhD or has the corresponding research competence or some other professional expertise that is of value in view of the subject matter of the post and the duties that it will involve.

More specific requirements for the post are:

- documented teaching experience in the subject of chemistry at secondary and/or university level(s).

- a PhD in chemistry, chemistry with a focus on education, or science with a focus on education, or equivalent scientific competence

- Personal suitability with a focus on good communication skills, both oral and written, in both Swedish* and English.

* Note: For non-Swedish speaking applicants, basic knowledge of Swedish is required at the time of application. The Senior Lecturer will be expected to be able to teach fluently in Swedish within two years of appointment and the feasibility of achieving this will be assessed as a requirement.

 Merits for the position are:

- A teaching license or teaching degree in chemistry, preferably with a focus on the secondary school level and/or other equivalent knowledge and experience.

- Proven experience in chemistry research and/or pedagogical research with a scientific focus.

- experience conducting research activities, mainly in the field of chemistry, educational science, or another closely related scientific field.

Desirable personal qualities are:

- collaboration skills.

- organizational skills

- Personal commitment and enthusiasm for the field.

Assessment criteria 

The general assessment criteria for teacher employment is set out in the Rules of Procedure of the University of Gothenburg. In general, the applicant who, after an overall assessment of skills and development potential, is judged to be best placed to carry out the tasks involved in the position, shall be selected. In assessing merit, equal care shall be given to the examination of teaching ability and to the examination of scientific ability. Administrative and organizational skills will also be assessed, in light of the nature of the post and the duties involved. Furthermore, the degree of ability to develop and manage activities and staff, as well as the ability to interact with the wider community, will be taken into account.

In assessing candidates' merits for this post, equal weight will be given to teaching and scientific skills. The following qualifications will be assessed by external experts:

- Pedagogical skills will be assessed on the basis of a proven ability to develop, manage and deliver high quality secondary and/or tertiary education. In addition, experience in pedagogical innovation, supervision of students, and quality of self-developed educational material will be assessed.

- Scientific excellence must be demonstrated through research. Applicants are expected to have  published in peer-reviewed scientific literature in the field of chemistry and/or educational science. In addition, research reports and/or monographs are also considered meritorious. Criteria for assessment are that quality and impact are given greater weight than total output. The ability to organize and lead research will also be assessed.

- Administrative and organizational skills will be assessed on the basis of a proven track record in administration, academic responsibility and work management, including the ability to manage and develop staff. In addition, the ability to interact and collaborate with the wider community and thereby contribute positively to the development of the department's activities will be assessed.

Suitability will be assessed by demonstrating the personal qualities required to perform the duties of the post, to interact with other staff and to contribute to the development of the department. Suitability is assessed by means of interviews and test lectures, followed by a ranking based on the opinions of external experts. Interviews and test lectures are conducted by the Faculty of Science's Teacher Nomination Committee, in conjunction with staff from the Department. The personal qualities on which the assessment is based are primarily communication skills, cooperation, personal commitment and enthusiasm for the subject area, and the expected ability to make a positive contribution to the working environment and activities of the department


the employment is a permanent postion as Senior Lecturer in Chemistry with an educator and pedagogical focus at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology.

Contact information 

If you have any questions about the position, please contact

Erik S. Thomson, Vice prefect for Education (

Marica Ericson, Head of Department (


Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here: 


Submit your application via the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal by clicking the “Apply” button. It is your responsibility to ensure that the application is complete as per the vacancy notice, and that the University receives it by the final application deadline 2023-01-13. Your application must include:

- Cover letter

- CV including a full publication list and statement of externally funded research projects (both completed and ongoing, with amounts)

- statement of teaching qualifications, including the extent and type of teaching and a Pedagogical reflection and description of teaching philosophy (maximum 5 pages).

- Statement of scientific merit, including examples of scientific production with up to 10 scientific works attached (including descriptive justification of the selection) (maximum 3 pages excluding attachments)

- A description of ongoing, planned, and/or proposed research activities in the field (maximum 2 pages)

- A description of the applicants track record in collaboration, leadership and experience in organizational assignments, both within and outside higher education. Reflect on future plans in these areas (maximum 2 pages).

- Certificate of doctoral degree and any other documents you wish to cite.

All qualifications must be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed. Publications that cannot be attached digitally to the application must be sent with three duplicate copies to:

 Faculty of Science

Attn: Teacher Proposal Committee

University of Gothenburg

Applications must be received by: 2023-01-31

Information for International Applicants 

Choosing a career in a foreign country is a big step. Thus, to give you a general idea of what we and Gothenburg have to offer in terms of benefits and life in general for you and your family/spouse/partner please visit: 

The University works actively to achieve a working environment with equal conditions, and values the qualities that diversity brings to its operations.

Salaries are set individually at the University.

In accordance with the National Archives of Sweden’s regulations, the University must archive application documents for two years after the appointment is filled. If you request that your documents are returned, they will be returned to you once the two years have passed. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

In connection to this recruitment, we have already decided which recruitment channels we should use. We therefore decline further contact with vendors, recruitment and staffing companies.