Researcher for the Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC)

Ref PAR 2022/1537

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The University of Gothenburg meets society's challenges with versatile knowledge. 56,000 students and 6,600 employees make the university a large and inspiring workplace. Strong research and higher education attract researchers and students from all over the world. With new knowledge and new perspectives, the University of Gothenburg contributes to a better future.

Within the Institute of Health and Care Sciences,  there are study programmes, single subject courses and commissioned educations at basic and advanced level in the main areas of nursing, radiography, reproductive and perinatal health, nursing pedagogy and postgraduate training in nursing science. The department also has a number of research groups, and the research profile is person-centred care. The Institute of Health and Care Sciences is home to the Centre for person-centred care (GPCC). For more information, please visit

GPCC is a national interdisciplinary research centre that was established in 2010 with the support of the government's strategic investment in healthcare research. About forty research projects are currently underway around person-centredness in various long-term illnesses and the organization of care. For more information about GPCC, please  visit

GPCC is looking for a researcher with a job scope of 60%.


Job assignments

The tasks consist for the most part of conducting research and strategic knowledge development about patients' and the public's involvement in healthcare organizations and decision-making systems. The assignment will also include participation in an ongoing project "Patient and relatives’ participation". Both the strategic development and the research take place partly in multidisciplinary collaboration, partly in close cooperation with patient organizations and patient representatives.

More specifically, the tasks will range from coordinating development and management of research projects to searching and screening of research literature as well as making analyses of literature and interview data from various stake holders. The position includes assignments in GPCC's steering group for management of the prioritized research area "Development of partnerships between patient representatives/the general public and healthcare organizations and decision-making systems".



We are looking for applicants with a doctoral degree. Experience of working as a patient representative within patient organizations and as a researcher is required.

The language requirements are fluent spoken and written Swedish as well as good knowledge of English, both spoken and written.

Previous experience of research in patient and user participation in health care, and from work in an academic research centre is advantageous.

In order to succeed in this position, the ability to partly work independently and to partly cooperate in teams with different stake holders is required, as well as the ability to apply principles for systematic research work.

In this recruitment, we will make an overall assessment of competence and skills with the aim to hire the applicant with the best preconditions to carry out and develop the tasks and contribute to the development of the centre.



The position is a permanent position with a scope of 60%. The placement will be at the Institute of Health and Care Sciences. It is possible to work remotely.


Contact details for the position

If you have questions about the employment, you are welcome to contact;

Joakim Öhlén, centre director at GPCC, 031-786 6098,

Ewa-Lena Bratt, assistant section manager, Unit for Care for long-term conditions, 031-786 4450,

Axel Wolf, project manager Patient and relatives’ participation, 031-786 6034,



The application must be submitted no later than 20221208


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