Communication officer with focus on linked global challenges in forest, land, climate, biodiversity, development, and food systems

Ref PAR 2022/1103

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The Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, GMV, is a joint organisation of Chalmers and Gothenburg University to promote research, education and collaboration in sustainable development (read more at ). This means that we act as a knowledge platform that initiates, runs, administers and supports multidisciplinary projects and initiatives in sustainable development. GMV employs about 45 people and is located at Campus Johanneberg at Kapellplatsen in central Gothenburg.  

The position is as a communication officer, with some coordinating tasks, within a multidisciplinary research network hosted by GMV: Focali (Forest Climate Livelihoods Research network). The network aims to foster interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration on linked topics such as forests, land use, climate, biodiversity, food systems and related global policy, livelihoods, development and rights issues.

Focali collaborates with a wide range of actors to make use of and disseminate the knowledge available within the network. A close partner for Focali is the Sida funded network Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative (SIANI) at the Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI. SIANI focuses on sustainable food systems and food security from a human rights-based approach. Focali and SIANI collaborate on dialogues and communication for broad collaboration with a particular focus on socio-ecological sustainability in global food systems and "livelihoods and rights of forest communities, Indigenous peoples and natural resource-dependent poor."

During the autumn 2022, the Focali network and the Focali-SIANI collaboration will focus on building a new website, research communication and coordination for the Focali annual meeting, and dialogues and communication within the Focali - SIANI collaboration. In addition, the communicator will support regular communications such as newsletters, social media, written news, short films and, if needed, the production and layout of Focali policy briefs. The Focali/GMV - SIANI/SEI/Sida partnership is about to be extended into a new phase, therefore strategic planning and development of the partnership is also part of the work. 

Focali is now looking for a motivated employee with rich experience in communication work and knowledge of the themes in focus who can support the tasks described above. The position is primarily in the role as communicator, but with some coordination tasks as the team is small and collaborates on current major activities, events and strategic processes within Focali and SIANI's secretariat. 

Read more about Focali here:  

Read more about SIANI here:  


The role mainly involves communication work and support in the planning and implementation of events. Several tasks will run in parallel with some being more independent after introduction to the tasks and others being part of a wider working group with the secretariats, Focalis members and partners. 

  • Communication in Focali and Focali - SIANI's thematic areas. This includes strategic development work, work with the Focali website, development of texts for the new website, newsletters, social media, producing news, blog texts, short video productions and editing and layout of policy briefs. (English is the working language of Focali and Focali - SIANI and excellent English is therefore a requirement for the post. Swedish is used internally at GMV but is not a requirement for the tasks involved in the position, although basic knowledge of Swedish is an advantage.)
  • Support to the Focali project manager in networking activities, internal meetings, open events, participation in external conferences and support with internal strategy work with a special focus on the communication area.
  • Contributing to the planning and implementation of events and dialogues of various formats and sizes, such as support before and during physical, hybrid or digital events.


The work requires a strong interest in, and knowledge of, issues related to social and environmental sustainability in a global and broad sense and specifically in relation to the linked challenges in focus of the projects; forests, agriculture, land-use, climate, biodiversity, food systems and linked livelihoods, development, and rights issues.

The work and employment therefore entail these requirements:

  • University degree in social sciences/ environmental science / communication (or similar education) at least at master’s level, as deemed appropriate by the employer, with a focus on global sustainable development, the theme in focus (see above) and/or communication.
  • Subject knowledge of and/or experience working with global forest/land, environment and development issues with a focus on low/middle income countries and/or tropical forest areas (which is the main geographical focus of Focali).
  • Professional experience in communication through the production of various written products e.g. editing and designing policy briefs, writing news texts and blogs for the web, working with events and research communication via social media as well as video production.
  • Experience in consultative work and approaches, such as working with professional networks and administration.
  • Ability and experience to express oneself very well both orally and in writing in English, which is the working language of the projects, is a requirement for the position.
  • Experience in organising dialogues, workshops, and other interactive meetings.
  • Experience of working with websites (web development in addition to publishing is a merit.)


  • Experience of working with research-policy-practice interaction in the focus area of the projects and/or experience from research communication within the theme.
  • Experience of working/studying/other contextual experience in Focali's geographical focus area (global south/ tropical forest regions) related to the thematic area of the post is highly desirable for the post.
  • Experience and interest in using communication as a tool for sustainable development with own experience in this field through studies and/or work experience.
  • Experience in video production
  • Experience of working professionally with social media to build networks and outreach.
  • Experience of professional work in creating new websites and databases/membership pages.
  • Experience of working with images and image editing, for example in Photoshop.
  • Experience with basic graphic design such as social media graphics/maps (e.g. in Canva).
  • Experience in layout of publications in InDesign.
  • Language skills other than English such as Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Personal skills

Self-motivated - takes responsibility for his/her work. Structures his/her own approach and drives forward processes within the tasks.
Team player - contributes to the team's joint development work with strategies, and visions, as well as goal achievement.
Perseverance - Stays motivated, working on until tasks/projects are completed, or results achieved.
Collaborative - works well with other people. Relates to them in a responsive and respectful manner. Listens, communicates and resolves conflicts in a constructive manner.
Flexible - Recognises that working with networks and many partners in a small team sometimes requires re-prioritisation between tasks in the course of work.
Quality conscious - works in a structured way and asks for advice when needed. 
Clear - communicates in a clear way. Ensures that messages get through and that expectations are clear to all parties involved. Reminds and follows up.


The position is an 80% fixed-term position until 2022-12-31 with appointment as soon as possible, and with location at the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, GMV. There is some possibility to request a different work time level between 50-80% if the applicant is suitable for the position but not able to work 80%. As the Focali - SIANI collaboration is about to be extended, there is a possibility of extension of the position (after advertisement of a new position) for the new period which is expected to start in the autumn.

The position is based at the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development in Gothenburg, but with the possibility of working remotely according to GU rules. Travel is also included in the position as well as meetings at SIANI - SEI in Stockholm which is a close partner. Read more about GU's rules of remote work:  

Selection will take place on a rolling basis from 15 August but all applications received before the deadline will be considered.

Contact details for the position

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Focalis Project Manager Maria Ölund 0766-22 92 22 alt. or GMV's Deputy Director Anders Ekbom 0766-22 92 02 alt.

Trade union organisations

Trade union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here:


You apply for the position via the University of Gothenburg's recruitment portal by clicking on the "Apply" button. As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is complete in accordance with the advertisement and that it reaches the University by the closing date for applications.

Applications must be received by: 2022-08-31

The University works actively to achieve a working environment with equal conditions, and values the qualities that diversity brings to its operations.

Salaries are set individually at the University.

In accordance with the National Archives of Sweden’s regulations, the University must archive application documents for two years after the appointment is filled. If you request that your documents are returned, they will be returned to you once the two years have passed. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

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