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The School of Public Health and Community Medicine, at the Institute of Medicine, conducts extensive education and research in global public health, general medicine, occupational medicine, environmental medicine, social medicine, medicine use and pharmaceutical policy. We also conduct education and research within nutritional epidemiology, insurance medicine, innovation and utilization, health economics, biostatistics and register epidemiology.

The Register Epidemiology research group is a newly formed group since 2020 and currently consists of 6 members including one visiting professor, 2 researchers, one postdoc and 2 associate researchers. We conduct observational research with epidemiological methods in different disease areas and to a large extent based on data from health registries of various kinds.

A main project within the research group today and for the next few years is a national study on COVID-19, based on a large database of linked register data with regular data updates, with Visiting Professor Fredrik Nyberg as principal investigator / lead researcher and project lead. The project, known as SCIFI-PEARL (Swedish Covid-19 Investigation for Future Insights – a Population Epidemiology Approach using Register Linkage), was initiated in March 2020, and is now in an intensive phase of analysis and research work. The project has multiple broad objectives, including descriptive analyses of Covid-19 patients and the pandemic, studying risk factors, predictive models, drug epidemiology, vaccine follow-up, and more. The project uses data from several Swedish national registers for all individuals in Sweden with Covid-19 and a large population comparison group. The project has recently received several major funding grants, and is now expanding its operations. A number of studies and subprojects with different focus are ongoing within this large umbrella project, many in collaborations with a wide network of researchers.

Job assignments

We currently have a specific need for an ongoing subproject within the SCIFI-PEARL project. Major job tasks will be to carry out research tasks including data management and statistical analyses within the SCIFI-PEARL project, working closely with the project's lead researcher and the research team, in support of an ongoing analysis project about covid-19 and effects on health and sick leave patterns during the pandemic, based primarily on data from Västra Götaland and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Additional tasks will be to contribute to scientific report writing, grant applications and similar tasks within the project under the supervision of the lead researcher.


We are looking for a person with a PhD degree in a relevant subject area such as epidemiology, public health, global health, or social medicine. You will need to have previous experience of working with Swedish register data from the VEGA database in Västra Götaland and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, and of scientific analyses, as well as presenting results in the form of scientific publication. A prerequisite for the position is that you speak and write English well and have good communication skills. You need to understand epidemiology well and be familiar with statistical analyses of epidemiological data. In addition, you need to have good cooperative and administrative skills. Previous experience of similar work tasks is a merit. Great emphasis will be placed on personal suitability.


Type of employment: Temporary employment, 4 months Extent: 60 % Location: Institute of Medicine, Gothenburg First day of employment: By agreement

For further information regarding the position

Fredrik Nyberg, Visiting Professor, +46(0)702-619226,

Henric Rhedin, Deputy Head of Department, +46(0)709 28 40 36,


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How to apply

The applicant is asked to provide:

  1. A personal cover letter giving a brief description of previous experience, and a motivation as to why you are applying for the position
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  3. Name and contact details of two reference persons

Please enclose PhD certificate with the application.

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Closing date: 2021-10-28

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