PhD student positions in Language and Literature in Education


Ref REK 2022/269

Theme: Reading practices in Swedish and/or English in Swedish primary school

Malmö University is a creative, urban, and international place of learning which is located in the centre of Malmö. The university has 1800 employees and 24 000 students. Our research and educational programs are characterised by the role that the university plays in an open society — namely, on scientific grounds and in collaboration with other social actors.

Research issues are not only addressed in relation to each other, but also in close connection to the community undergoing social, cultural and economic change, and with educational organisations in other areas of society. Our researchers and students want to be present where new things take place and, together with others, create, share, and disseminate knowledge that can be used to understand, explain, and develop society, both locally and globally.

The Faculty of Education and Society

The Faculty of Education and Society offers educational programs for professionals who intend to work in the school system, with education, after-school, and sports. The faculty offers one of the largest teacher education programmes in Sweden, where students can choose one of four degrees: pre-school teacher, primary school teacher, subject teacher, or vocational studies teacher.

In addition to programs for sports scientists, historians, teachers, special-needs teachers, and career and vocational guidance counsellors, we also offer Master’s degree programmes and PhD programmes as well as free-standing courses, continued education, and contract training.

The faculty embraces a new approach to the structure of its educational programmes that it offers in collaboration with schools, municipalities, organisations, and the business sector. Our research is conducted in close collaboration with the surrounding community. We are located in the Orkanen building, on Hjälmarekajen, next to Malmö’s central station.

The Department of Culture, Languages, and Media

The two PhD positions are situated within the Department of Culture, Languages, and Media (KSM) at the Faculty of Education and Society at Malmö University. The department has approximately 60 employees and is engaged in teaching, research, and development work. The research at KSM is focused on how knowledge and meaning are created in linguistic and cultural contexts, and how they are transmitted via different media and aesthetic modes of expression.

Our research is multi-disciplinary and is conducted in the following areas: Swedish language teaching, Swedish as a second language, Scandinavian languages, English, English and Education, literary studies, linguistics, culture and media studies, aesthetic forms of knowledge, and education. This research is conducted within the ambit of various research projects, and, in part, under the auspices of the Languages and Literature in Education (SLDI) PhD program.

Languages and Literature in Education

Languages and Literature in Education constitutes an education sciences research area which includes Swedish language education, Swedish as a second language education, and English and Education.

Central to this research area are questions concerning language development, education in a media landscape, literature and media reception, language and subject education, and multilingualism. Important aspects of the research education program include studies of children’s, young people’s, and adults’ encounters with and production of texts in different situations; oral and written texts in different modalities; and the possibilities that these people have to use their collective linguistic resources as part of their linguistic-, knowledge-, and identity development.

The conditions for language development are studied from a broad perspective and includes the school subjects: Swedish language, Swedish as a second language, and English, their use in other school subjects, in higher education, and in contexts where education is not institutionally framed.

We welcome PhD-applications on “Reading practices in Swedish and/or English in Swedish primary school.” The applications should focus on Swedish and/or English reading practices in one of the following, or similar, areas:

• multilingual reading practices,
• reading as a writing tool,
• critical and creative reading,
• intercultural perspectives on reading,
• multimodal reading and writing practices,
• reading different text genres, including fiction and non-fiction texts,
• educational perspectives on the teaching of literature and literary history,
• reading and performance through music, art, and drama.

Two positions are open: one with an “English and education”-orientation, one in “Swedish and Education.”

Content and Work Assignment

PhD students are expected to primarily pursue their own research education which will take place at Malmö University. The intended degree is ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ is equivalent to four years of full-time study.

Institutional service of 20% may be performed.

Basic Eligibility

The process of being enrolled into the research education program and appointment as a PhD student takes place in parallel with each other. The applicant must fulfil the following basic eligibility criteria. The applicant must have

• an advanced degree,
• completed coursework comprising at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits are at the advanced level, or
• in any other way, within or outside the country, has obtained equivalent knowledge. (HF 7, Chapter 39 §) [Higher Education Ordinance]

Specific Eligibility

Applicants who have successfully presented an independent piece of work within Swedish language teaching, Swedish, Swedish as a second language, English, literature, Scandinavian languages, educational sciences (in an area that is relevant to SLDI) or another relevant subject worth at least 15 higher education credits at the advanced level, or exhibit knowledge that is judged by Malmö University to be equivalent are specifically eligible to apply.

Assessment Criteria

The criteria that will be used to select from the eligible applicants include an assessment of the applicants’ ability to make use of the education and achieve its goals.

In the assessment of an eligible applicant’s ability to make use of the education, attention is paid to

  • the applicant’s independence and planning of previous work
  • the applicant’s previously demonstrated ability to adequately complete work
  • the applicant’s ability to formulate research areas and problem areas, both in previous work and in the research plan for the intended thesis work
  • the level of the applicant’s methodological and scientific maturity as revealed in previous work, and in the applicant’s research plan
  • the applicant’s ability to communicate, both orally and in writing
  • the applicant’s ability to participate in the research programme in both Swedish and English


Contact person for the Department of Culture, Language, and Media: Head of Department Tanja von Dahlern,, 040-665 88 28.
Contact person for the subject area, Language and Literature in Education: Director of Studies Anna Wärnsby,, 040-665 80 72

The general study plan for SLDI

Prior to the commencement of this recruitment, Malmö University had decided on the recruitment pathways and market research. We thus decline all offers concerning advertising and recruitment assistance in connection with this job advertisement.


You apply for the position via Malmö University recruitment system by clicking the "Ansök" (‘Apply’) button. Applications are accepted in the following languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.

All attached documents should be in/translated to Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English. As an applicant, it is your responsibility that the application fulfils the requirements stated in the advertisement and that it is received by the university no later than 2023-01-16.

The application must include the following:

• Application letter with a description of the applicant’s background and interest in the advertised PhD position (max 1,500 words)
• Validated curriculum vitae
• A research plan which argues the research focus, research questions, theoretical and methodological choices and how these relate to the theme of this call (max 4,000 words excl. reference list)
• Copies of the applicant’s independent work at the advanced level
• Publications that the applicant wishes to have considered as part of this application (for example, research reports or scientific articles, maximum 3 examples)
• Certified copies of the applicant’s grades and other certificates (for example, degree certificates, work experience


The positions are a full-time and are time-limited in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance 5, Chapter 7 §.

Malmö University is a place of work and a place of learning which is characterised by open and inclusive perspectives, where equality and equal opportunities are seen to add value to our operations.

Job Commencement

The position will commence according to agreement.

Union Representatives

SACO Nils Andersson,
Lärarförbundet Peter Persson,
ST Naser Eftekharian,

We look forward to your application!


You apply no later than 16/01/2023 by clicking the apply button.