Open positions Application Deadline refNo Organization unit level 1
PhD Student in Energy Engineering with special emphasis on direct numerical simulations of a reacting particle 2024-03-29 29/03/2024 397-2024 Ph D Students
Postdoc position in Electric Power Engineering 2024-03-14 14/03/2024 761-2024 Ph D Students
Research engineer positions in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-30 30/05/2024 3910-2023 lärare och Forskare
PhD-student in Energy Engineering electroconversion of lignin/derivatives 2024-03-27 27/03/2024 395-2024 Ph D Students
PhD-student Energy Engineering emphasis hybrid solvents for CO2 separation 2024-03-27 27/03/2024 398-2024 Ph D Students
Ph.D. Student in Industrial Marketing 2024-04-01 01/04/2024 618-2024 Ph D Students