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Creaternity is an interdisciplinary research initiative to achieve the transition to a sustainable society. Creaternity Graduate School spans over many research subjects at Luleå University of Technology to create a holistic view in order to tackle the sustainability challenges. The Graduate School includes courses and other activities that will provide doctoral students with knowledge and tools to determine how the earth’s resources could be used and reused in the best way.

Take the opportunity to become a part of the Fluid and Experimental Mechanics team at Luleå University of Technology. You will work with the development of new methodology that combines fluid mechanics simulations with highly resolved measurement technology for detailed monitoring of engineered flow fields in real time. You will use state-of-the-art methods in a creative environment and collaborate with companies and universities worldwide.

For this project we are seeking a Master of Science or equivalent, with the ambition to become an expert in data management within fluid mechanics. The project incorporates both numerical and experimental parts. Hence you should have an understanding and a wish to develop both parts.

As a PhD student with us, you become a part of a creative environment within the division, the university and with industrial collaborators. As a PhD-student in this project you will also be part of the Graduate School Creaternity

Experimental Mechanics concerns the development of experimental methods in order to study phenomena in mechanics.

The aim of the PhD project is to develop new tools for real-time data management of streamed data from an in-line coherent imaging set-up with the objective to update a digital twin. The project is fundamental in nature and aims at linking highly resolved measurements of velocity and pressure with the Navier-Stokes equations for dedicated applications. The project will utilize CFD simulations and laser-based measurements wherefore an experience and interest in these fields are meritorious.

In addition to your project, you are also encouraged to take courses and to participate on seminars and workshops that will help you to both deepen your knowledge in fluid and experimental mechanics but that also will help you to put your research into a larger context. There will also be several possibilities to develop and network within the framework of CREATERNITY.

You should have 300 credits in Engineering Physics, Mechanical, Civil, or Energy Engineering of which at least 60 credits at advanced level with courses related to Fluid Mechanics, experimental techniques and signal processing. You should be able to work in a team as well as on your own and have documented knowledge of numerical simulations and experiments. Experience of “Optical measuring techniques” and/or “Computational Fluid Dynamics” is a merit. Applicants should also have good knowledge in written and spoken English and Swedish. Communication skills, initiative and an open mind are important as well as theoretical and practical knowledge.

Most employees at experimental mechanics are currently men, therefore we would like to see female applicants.

For further information about a specific subject see, General curricula for the Board of the faculty of science and technology

Employment as a PhD student is limited to 4 years, teaching and other department duties may be added with max 20 %.

For further information, please contact: Professor Mikael Sjödahl, Tel; 0920-49 12 20, email: or Associate Professor Anna-Lena Ljung, Tel; 0920-49 13 20, email:

Please contact Professor Staffan Lundström for questions regarding the research group and the division in general, Tel; 0920-49 23 92, email:

Union representatives: SACO-S Kjell Johansson +46 (0)920-49 1529  OFR-S Lars Frisk, +46 (0)920-49 1792

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Reference number: 673-2021
Application deadline: April 30, 2021