PhD student position in modeling a superconducting quantum computer

REF 2023-0795

Large countries (USA, China, Germany) and companies (IBM, Google) are racing to build quantum computers on a scale where they can outperform classical supercomputers for certain tasks. In Sweden, Chalmers is leading the 1.5-billion-SEK, 12-year Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (WACQT), where the core project is to build a superconducting quantum computer. You will contribute to this project to explore fundamental and applied questions in the area of quantum information processing, providing an invaluable opportunity to collaborate closely with experimentalists.

Project description
Circuit quantum electrodynamics presents promising paths to building a quantum computer using superconducting circuits. The quantum dynamics of these circuits need to be modeled on a Hamiltonian level. The control of the circuits needs to be optimized.  You will develop these models and optimization techniques in the context of quantum information processing using continuous variables. Although the project is theoretical, it takes place in close collaboration with the ongoing experimental efforts. It requires both analytical and numerical work.

Information about the division and the department
The position is hosted at the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory (AQPL) at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) at Chalmers. We work in close collaboration with experimental groups such as the Quantum Technology Laboratory (QTL) and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. MC2 is host to a world-class cleanroom, the largest such facility in Northern Europe, and our measurement lab at QTL is well equipped with cryogenic and microwave electronic equipment. We are in a position to build and operate large-scale quantum processors. AQPL also contributes to the WACQT to advance Swedish academia and industry to the forefront of quantum technology. WACQT provides a collaborative and stimulating research environment, involving several Swedish universities, industrial partners, and experimental efforts on quantum computing hardware. The candidate will have the opportunity to participate in graduate school and access common courses and activities.

Major responsibilities
The major responsibility is to pursue doctoral studies by conducting research within the project, in collaboration and independently, to publish results in journals and present at conferences. The studies include coursework in the field and common core courses on generic and transferable skills. The position includes the possibility to teach on the undergraduate level or other duties, up to 20 percent of working hours.

Required qualifications:
- M.Sc. corresponding to at least 240 higher education credits in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or equivalent.
- Expertise in conducting a Literature Review.
- Proficiency in a language for scientific computation (e.g., Python or Julia).
- Good mathematical and analytical skills are a plus.
- Strong collaborative mindset and an interest in working within team environments.

Desired qualifications:
- Experience in modeling quantum properties of superconducting circuits, both analytically and numerically.
- Familiarity with open quantum systems.
- Experience from optimal control.
- Experience of working on quantum computing or quantum information.

Contract terms
Full-time temporary employment. The position is limited to a maximum of five years.

We offer
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Application procedure
The application should be marked with reference number 20230783 and written in English. The application should be sent electronically and be attached as PDF-files, as below. Maximum size for each file is 40 MB. Please note that the system does not support Zip files.

CV: (Please name the document: CV, Family name, reference number)
• CV
• Other, for example previous employments or leadership qualifications and positions of trust.
• Two references that we can contact.

Personal letter: (Please name the document as: Personal letter, Family name, ref.number)
1-3 pages where you:
• Introduce yourself
• Describe your previous experience of relevance for the position (e.g. education, thesis work and, if applicable, any other research activities)
• Describe your future goals and future research focus

Other documents:
• Copies of bachelor and/or master’s thesis.
• Attested copies and transcripts of completed education, grades and other certificates, e.g. TOEFL test results.

Please use the button at the foot of the page to reach the application form. 

Application deadline: March 10, 2024

For questions, please contact:
Dr. Tahereh Abad, permanent researcher, AQP

Göran Johansson, professor, AQP

*** Chalmers declines to consider all offers of further announcement publishing or other types of support for the recruiting process in connection with this position. *** 

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