Master Thesis – Condition Based Maintenance, CBM, to optimize operation time and minimize downtime of our satellite communication antennas.

Are you looking for Master Thesis opportunities? Would it be interesting to do your thesis with us at Esrange Satellite Station, where all satellite control and data reception equipment are located?


From Esrange Satellite Station we control monitor and maintain several large parabolic antennas used for satellite communication. Normal maintenance procedures are based on regular service intervals where the antennas are out of operation. With an on-line CBM monitoring system, the maintenance intervals could be prolonged and/or any misfunction could be detected at an early stage thus reducing unplanned downtime.


To design a CBM system for one antenna system. The CBM system shall monitor the antenna during the operational phase, store key performance parameters, compare these data with previously stored data and act as an early warning system if any degradation is detected. The CBM system shall also include manually and/or automatic initiated performance checks, e.g. G/T measurements.



  • Literature study
  • Design structure, i.e. database, data handling, key performance parameters, etc.
  • Implementation of a test system at Esrange Satellite Station



You have experience with electronics, data handling, preferable some knowledges in AI-based systems. We value students who are curious, proactive, and takes initiative as well as enjoys problem-solving.



The scope of this project is aimed at one person starting the spring semester 2020 or by agreement.
Please submit your application, including university grades.
Location is at university and at Esrange, Kiruna.



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