The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) operates in a very dynamic marketplace. The market for satellite services is growing fast and in SSC we face a number of traditional competitors and an increasing number of new entrants who propose to address the delivery and distribution of data from satellite to ground. We need to keep track and continuously assess the capabilities and ambitions of our competitors. Rather than to rely on the manpower intensive and laborious process of manual information gathering, it should be possible to automate the collection and sorting of public domain data to form a useful intelligence picture.


Project Description

The primary objective of this thesis would be to define and realize a practical process that would identify, collect and render market intelligence across a defined range of industrial players and produce a model dynamic competitor database. This includes analyzing different news feeds from multiple sources.

Further objectives might include:

  • Developing sophisticated competitor profiles
  • Creating an interactable, user-friendly GUI
  • Investigation into more advanced concepts such as sentiment analysis, intent analysis, and contextual semantic search

We want to scope this project such that it is suitable for a team of two students doing their master thesis during the spring semester 2020.



We believe a genuine interest in space will be a beneficial trait, especially when it comes to understanding and identifying the dynamic driving forces within the industry. We value students who are curious, proactive, and takes initiative as well as enjoys problem-solving. Proficiency in languages such as Java, C++, C, R or Python is required.

Location our office in Solna, Stockholm


SSC is a leading global provider of advanced space services with more than fifty years of experience. Since our start pioneering scientific rocket launches in northern Sweden, we have grown into a renowned, full-service supplier of state-of-the-art space engineering, satellite and launch services to commercial and institutional customers worldwide.