Did you know that one of the keys to a more sustainable planet can be found in space technology and space-based services? Do you want to help us in finding ways for SSC to maximize our contribution?


 The international space sector plays a big role in the global sustainability agenda and as a global provider of advanced space services, SSC already contributes to many of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) defined in the UN framework Agenda2030.

However, we aim higher and are committed to maximizing our contribution. We want to develop our existing services as well as finding new innovative ways to contribute to the goals and make a difference. We do not want to have a sustainability strategy “on the side” – we want sustainability to be one of the key drivers for innovation, fully integrated into our strategic frameworks and business planning. We believe that strong internal commitment and engagement are some of the key success factors in order to reach our ambitions.


Project Description

The primary objective of this thesis would be to define a long-term approach and framework to increase internal awareness and engagement for our sustainability agenda and a way to fully integrate our agenda in our existing strategic frameworks and business planning. 

Key objectives for the thesis would be to define how to integrate our sustainability framework to already existing strategic frameworks, such as innovation and strategic business planning. This should be done in a way that tangibly brings in the SDG’s, strengthening a purpose-driven innovation and business planning where sustainability is a key element and a driving force while avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.

We would like to scope this project to make it suitable for a team of two students doing their master thesis during the spring semester 2020. A suggestion is that one of the students would concentrate on how to strengthen internal engagement and awareness and enable for the co-workers to contribute, while the second thesis would focus on integration to strategic frameworks such as our innovation framework.

Location Solna, Stockholm


We believe you are truly engaged in the global sustainability agenda and how organizations could contribute to the SDG’s.

We value students who are curious, proactive and take own initiatives as well as enjoy networking and building relationships.

You possess strong communication skills and you can organize your work independently.

You need to be fluent in both English and Swedish. Your thesis is to be presented in English.



SSC is a leading global provider of advanced space services with more than fifty years of experience. Since our start pioneering scientific rocket launches in northen Sweden, we have grown into a renowned, full-service supplier of state-of-the-art space engineering, satellite and launch services to commercial and institutional customers worldwide.