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Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.

Fuel injectors play an important role in diesel engines. Fueling accuracy is vital for todays optimized engines as too much or too little fuel can hurt mechanical components, affect engine performance and engine out emissions. Therefore a robust and fast diagnosis on the injectors is highly desired. It’s possible to analyze injector performance considering the effect from individual injections on engine speed signal at various engine operating conditions. If you are interested in embedded systems, programming, signal processing and algorithm development, this thesis is a great match for you.

Based on the available data at Scania, develop a model representing the contribution from healthy injectors on engine speed signal. This model will be used to develop various injector logics. As we intend to have a model based on our available engine speed from field, the preferred modelling approach is system identification or machine learning techniques.

The candidate will work in collaboration with Scania R&D engineers in an engine software development team in Södertälje. The focus and scope of the thesis can be adjusted to fit the interest of the applicant and the number of students.

Educational profile
We believe that the proposed thesis is suitable for a master student with background in engineering physics, electrical engineering, computer science, or mechatronics. The competences described below is judged vital for a successful project.

  • Good knowledge in Matlab/Simulink.
  • Some experience in machine learning or system identification.Knowledge in signal processing, embedded systems, control theory and internal combustion engines is a plus.

Knowledge in signal processing, embedded systems, control theory and internal combustion engines is a plus.

Administrative information
The thesis is on advanced (M.Sc.) level with an expected timeframe of twenty (20) weeks starting January 2020. The major thesis work will be conducted at Scania CV AB in Södertälje.

Contact persons and supervisor

Enclose CV, personal letter and school-leaving certificate.
Marcus Holmgren, Development Engineer at Fuel System Control, 08-553 72 573 
Mats Härdelin, manager Fuel System Control, 08-553 82 027

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