About Malmö University
Since its inception in 1998, Malmö University has grown into the country's eighth largest institution of higher education with 25 000 students. Its education and research programmes are distinguished by their multidisciplinary, problem-oriented approach and social relevance. The university offers students a range of educations in five faculties: Culture and Society, Education and Society, Health and Society, Odontology, and Technology and Society.

The Faculty
The Faculty of Technology and Society (TS) offers educations and research in computer science and media technology as well as engineering, natural sciences and applied mathematics. A characteristic of our research and teaching is the engagement of companies and other organizations as active participants. The faculty is located in Malmö city close to the Malmö central station.

The Department
The Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics unite interdisciplinary education and research in mainly three areas: engineering, natural science and mathematics. Three engineering programmes at bachelor level are offered: Building Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Product Development and Design. In addition, the Science and Technology Foundation Year programme is offered. A programme on master level, Computational Materials Science, will be offered from autumn 2019.

The Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics offers an active and international environment. Research at the department is conducted in three groups; materials science, applied physics and mathematics, and construction science. Major areas of investigation are hydrogen embrittlement of metals, development of microstructures in metallic materials, computational and experimental atomic physics, astrophysics, applied mathematics and sustainable construction. The research in materials science is mainly focused on development of physically based material models using density functional theory, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, phase field theory and continuum mechanics, and related computational methods. The results from calculations and simulations of material behaviour are validated against experimental data, and the research group in materials science is actively engaged as users of X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques at international research facilities.

Find out more on: http://mah.se/english/faculties/Faculty-of-Technology-and-Society/

Job description
The job as a professor includes taking a leading role in both research and education at the department and to contribute in the development of research and education at the department and strategic objectives at the university. This includes identifying strategic research fields, attracting research funding, developing research environments involving highly qualified researchers, promoting research collaborations at the department, faculty and university as well as externally, and contributing to a developing work environment. The university has identified that the new X-ray and neutron facilities under construction in Lund offers unique research possibilities and one specific task would be to explore their potential within the materials science context. The work includes education at all levels, supervision of doctoral students and research.

A person is qualified for appointment as professor if he or she

  • has demonstrated research expertise
  • has demonstrated teaching expertise
  • has demonstrated considerable ability to develop, conduct and manage education and research
  • has demonstrated an ability to attract external research funding
  • has demonstrated significant experience as a supervisor for doctoral students who have obtained a PhD
  • has demonstrated an ability to engage with wider society and communicate activities within their area of responsibility

Specific to this employment is required:

  • Documented background and expertise in materials science (materials physics/materials chemistry/materials engineering)

The merits for this employment are:

  • Documented ability to lead a research group
  • Documented ability to attract external funding
  • Documented broad international network

Assessment criteria
Candidates for this position will be assessed on their level of skills and proficiency as described in the above qualification requirements and in relation to how the candidate fits the profile for the position regarding research, teaching and other relevant experience. In addition, consideration will be given to how the applicant’s experience and skills complement, strengthen and offer the potential to develop research and education at the department.

All teaching staff at Malmö University are expected to have completed, or be about to undergo, training in higher education teaching and learning of at least 15 credits.

Andreas Jacobsson, the Dean at the Faculty of Technology and Society at Malmö University, phone +46 40 6657 558 , andreas.jacobsson@mau.se

Malmö University has carefully considered recruitment platforms and advertising options. Please do not contact us with advertising offers or collaborations for recruitment.

You apply through Malmö University recruitment system by clicking the button “Apply/Ansök”. It is your own responsibility that your application is complete with all required documentation according to the adverted position. Your application must have arrived no later than 2019-01-10.

The application should contain the following documents (when applicable):

  1. A short list of qualifications, including signed CV
  2. Certified copies of degree transcripts and certificates
  3. Brief summary of scientific, educational and other activities that are of importance with regard to the appointment. A description of strategy and vision of the candidate's future research and teaching.
  4. A list of scientific and pedagogic works
  5. Scientific and pedagogical works mainly invoked (maximum five of each)
  6. References
  7. Preferred starting date

Qualifications can be documented with guidance from Malmö University Qualification portfolio for teachers/researchers at Malmö University Qualifications portfolio

Form of employment
Malmö University applies individual salary negotiations and may apply a probationary period. The position is full time, permanent, in the Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics. 

Starting date
As soon as possible

Union representatives
OFR/ST: Anita Marttila, anita.martilla@mau.se
SACO: Stefan Gustafsson, stefan.gustafsson@mau.se