Malmö University is an innovative, urban and international institute of higher education, located in the centre of Malmö. We have around 1,800 employees and 24,000 students. Our research and education are characterised by the role we believe a university should play in an open society — to contribute to sustainability and equality in a scientifically grounded way with external partners and stakeholders. Identifying and addressing the challenges of the future are of highest priority. Our researchers and students work collaboratively to create, share and spread knowledge in order to understand, explain and develop society — both locally and globally.

Faculty of Technology and Society
The Faculty of Technology and Society conducts research and offers educational programs in the natural sciences, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, materials science, construction science, computer science and media technology. Our work is characterised by collaboration with the surrounding community, including industry. We conduct socially relevant research and our students get early exposure to relevant labor markets and career possibilities.

Department of Computer Science and Media Technology
At the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, DVMT, there are 60 faculty teachers and researchers. The department has an international character with employees from around twenty different countries. DVMT offers eight master’s programs and three master’s programs in media technology, computer science, computer engineering and informatics, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering program in computer technology and mobile IT. Our education, as well as our research activities, have close connections to the surrounding society and industry. Most of our programs received the highest marks in the Vice Chancellor’s Office’s latest quality evaluation.

The department conducts technically and socially relevant research, for instance in the area of Internet of Things and People (IoTaP), which deals with connected objects in our environment with a particular emphasis on user perspectives. Several of the department’s researchers are active within the research collaboration Software Center, where Malmö University is a partner. At the Computational Media Lab, housed at Media Techology, researchers are involved in the development of digital media, and mediated forms of communication and social interaction. Another central field of the department’s research concerns the digitisation of public transport in connection with K2, the National Knowledge Center for public transport. DVMT is also the institutional home for the interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research program Data Society, in which researchers study the effects of digitalisation and datafication on society.

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Content and work responsibilities
During the last months, a variety of simulation models has been used for investigating different aspects of the ongoing corona pandemic. The goal of the project “Towards More Reliable Predictions: Multi-model Ensembles for Simulating the Corona Pandemic” is to analyze and combine the strengths of individual models into more superior ensembles of simulation models. In addition, we study how the unique features of Agent-Based Social Simulation (ABSS) models can contribute to better understand the effects of different measures (interventions) to manage pandemics.

Your work will focus on contributing to the following tasks:

  • Identification, analysis, and comparison of simulations models for the corona pandemic.
  • Development of methods for creating ensembles of simulation models, e.g. using AI.
  • Designing and conducting simulation studies.
  • Investigating how ABSS approaches can support the management of pandemics.

In order to qualify for this specific position, the applicant must have:
This position requires experience in software development and in modeling and simulation, preferably agent-based (social) simulations or multi-agent systems.

The following are meritorious for the position:
Experiences with methods for optimizing and calibrating of models are considered a merit, as well as experiences with different agent-based simulation frameworks, e.g., Repast and Netlogo.

Further information
Head of department, Bo Peterson, 040-6657619, 
Project leader, Paul Davidsson, 040-6658618, 
HR-specialist, Sara Eriksson,

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The application must include:

  • A complete CV
  • Copies of relevant degrees and certificates
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Additional information
The position is a full time employment for 6 months.

Malmö University is a workplace and higher education institution that is characterised by an open and inclusive approach, where gender equality and equal terms add value to our activities.

Malmö University applies individual salary setting.

Starting date
2020-08-17, or as soon as possible

Union representatives
SACO-S Mats Syde,
OFR/ST Bodil Sterner,


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