Professor of Interaction Design with a focus on physical computing REK 2.2.1-2017/31

Ref: REK 2.2.1-2017/31


General information about Malmö University
Founded in 1998, Malmö University has rapidly grown to become the ninth largest institution of higher education in Sweden with over 24 000 students and 800 faculty. Our mission is to be an active hub for research, education and innovation that benefits a global society. The activities of Malmö University are centred on the major challenges in society and we strive to be a university open to the world around us. Hence, our research is often multidisciplinary and is frequently pursued in collaboration with external partners.

Our campus is located at the heart of the city of Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. Since its inception, the university has played an important role in the transformation of Malmö from an industrial city to a centre of learning and innovation. About a third of our first year students have an international background, which is reflected in an increasingly international academic environment.

The Faculty of Culture and Society
The Faculty of Culture and Society is a multidisciplinary faculty that includes the School of Arts and Communication (K3), the Department of Global Political Studies, the Department of Urban Studies and the Department of Language and Linguistics. The Faculty also hosts the research platform MEDEA Research Lab for Collaborative Media, Design, and Public Engagement. Link to MEDEA

School of Arts and Communication (K3) at the Faculty of Culture and Society
K3 is a multidisciplinary school with approximately 80 employees and 1000 full-time students. The school’s education and research deal with media, design, art, culture and society and it plays an important role in the Öresund region’s cultural life. K3 conducts international education at the bachelor’s and master’s level as well as doctoral programmes within the research area New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression. There are degree programmes in subjects such as Interaction Design, Media and Communication Studies, Communication for Development, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Product Design and English Studies. The school also offers a large number of elective courses. Link to K3

Interaction Design
Malmö University offers a full range of degree programmes in Interaction Design at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels. Courses are often performed as design work in teams, combined with theoretical seminars.

Interaction Design at Malmö University has a long-standing tradition in co-design, especially participatory design and public engagement. The faculty represents a broad scope of profiles, performing at levels of international excellence in areas such as embodied interaction and physical prototyping, design for social change, sonic interaction, interaction aesthetics, and interaction design theory and methodology. The overall orientation of work in Interaction Design at Malmö University is aligned with the research area of New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression Link to research at K3. A substantial part of Interaction Design research in the area of physical computing is carried out at the research centre Internet of Things and People (IoTaP). Link to: IoTaP

Duties and responsibilities
The position involves research, PhD supervision and teaching, as well as some administrative duties. The teaching responsibilities may include general Interaction Design courses at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels, as well as specialised courses in physical computing and interactivity and/or theoretical and methodological topics. The research part of the position involves engaging with ongoing developments at the school and university, including the research centre Internet of Things and People (IoTaP). As a professor at K3 you are expected to participate in the daily life of the school and to provide leadership and expertise in the development of the field of Interaction Design. You are expected to play a leading role in developing research and collaborative networks within and outside academia, nationally and internationally, to establish new research projects and to obtain external funding.

According to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 4 §3, a person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a professor.

For a professor at Malmö University the following skills and qualifications are required:

  • Relevant scientific achievements
  • Teaching skills and experience
  • A strong ability to develop, implement and manage education and research
  • Success in attracting external research funding
  • Extensive experience of supervising PhD candidates to completion of their degree
  • Collaboration skills and an ability to engage with actors outside academia.

For this specific position, the additional qualifications are required:

  • A PhD in Interaction Design or another subject relevant to the position, or equivalent academic merits or other professional competence of relevance and importance to the post advertised.
  • Significant internationally recognised merits in Interaction Design research
  • Qualifications and competence in research and teaching in physical computing or related field.
  • Documented competence in teaching and pedagogical development in studio based learning in the design field.
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English.

Selection criteria
The assessment criteria for appointment as a professor shall be the degree of expertise required as a qualification for employment. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of research or artistic expertise according to The Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 4 §3. In addition to these basic qualification requirements for the position of professor in Swedish higher education institutions, the following merits will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of applicants for this specific post:

  • Degree of quality and originality in academic publications in the field of Interaction Design, especially physical computing
  • Strong international networks in the field of Interaction Design and related disciplines, as well as a proven ability to build networks both nationally and internationally
  • Experience of research management and of heading up successful research funding applications
  • Experience of multidisciplinary work in both research and education
  • Practical experience of design in industry or other non-academic settings
  • Craft skills in physical prototyping

Contact information
Sara Bjärstorp, Head of Department

For general employment and procedural questions, contact Anne Olsson, Human Resources:

Additional information
The position is permanent and full-time, starting at the earliest convenience or by agreement. At Malmö University individual salary negotiations apply. A probationary period may apply.

The application consists of the following elements.

  1. A cover letter
  2. A complete CV
  3. Lists of scientific and pedagogical publications
  4. Copies of relevant certificates.
  5. The names of up to three references with full contact information
  6. A statement highlighting scientific, pedagogical and other activities of particular significance for the position.
  7. Copies of selected scientific and pedagogical works (up to ten in each category).

Digital material is preferred. Please submit your application as a single PDF file or zip archive and send it to If the file exceeds 10MB, please split it into 10MB parts and send in consecutive emails. If the application includes physical material, please send three identical sets via post to, clearly marked with reference number.

Malmö högskola
HR department
Karin Blyrup
205 06 Malmö

Your application must be received no later than 31 March 2017. Mark your application with reference number: REK 2.2.1-2017/31

Candidates may be invited to interview and sample lecture by the hiring board.

Before compiling your application, you are advised to read Malmö University's guidelines for teachers and researchers and also our document for Appointment Rules:


Appointment Rules

Union representatives
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OFR, Martin Reissner




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